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Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Trust is the governing body for the GMFS Museum. It was formed in February 2008 with the intention of taking the Museum forward on a more sustainable footing, and along the lines of other successful museums.

In 2010, an amicable agreement was reached between the Trust and the Museum’s then owners – Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service – that the whole Museum operation and collection would be devolved to the new Trust. A new partnership agreement, the first of its kind in any British fire museum, was struck and the two organisations began to function as ”partners” for the good of the Museum.

Under the terms of this partnership agreement, the Museum became truly ”independent,” but continued to receive funding and other support from the service, in return for providing reciprocal support through attendance at official Brigade events, responding to research requests and looking
after all historical matters relating to local fire services.

Mission Statement

”To explore, preserve and make accessible the history of fire, fire engineering and the fire and rescue services in the Greater Manchester region and, through our collections and resources, to further the education and promotion of fire safety in the community.”

Fund Raising

The Museum is currently trying to raise £100,000 towards the next stage of our major relocation project. Can you help by means of a donation to our Paypal account ? If so, click the DONATE button now. Thank you!

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This is a great little museum

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We had the best time visiting you today !!

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Packed with facts and fireman's poles !

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Fab place !

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What a lovely little museum this is

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Absolutely amazing