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Nearly a year after arriving at the Museum for a period of loan, the 1898 Shand Mason steam fire engine, formerly of Fulwood UDC Fire Brigade. finally left Rochdale this month. The steamer, one of the best preserved examples of its kind, had been here to commemorate the White Lund munitions explosion of 1917; the Fulwood and our own "Horrockses" steamer, are now the only two surviving fire engines to have attended the disaster and have been on exhibition together here, the first time they had been side by side in 100 years.  Before returning to its normal home at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland, the Fulwood had one more World War One duty to carry out - a special exhibition at Lancaster Castle.  GMFS Museum agreed to transport the appliance safely to Lancaster with some great photo opportunities. Thanks to BCVM for this loan, which has been a wonderful addition to our displays these past months. 

Mission Statement

”To explore, preserve and make accessible the history of fire, fire engineering and the fire and rescue services in the Greater Manchester region and, through our collections and resources, to further the education and promotion of fire safety in the community.”

Fund Raising

The Museum is currently trying to raise £100,000 towards the next stage of our major relocation project. Can you help by means of a donation to our Paypal account ? If so, click the DONATE button now. Thank you!

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Beautiful little museum packed with facts and firemans poles

Visitor Reviews

Very educational and also a fun visit

Visitor Reviews

Lots of fire engines and things to see and do

Visitor Reviews

Packed with facts and fireman's poles !

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Fab place !

Visitor Reviews

What a lovely little museum this is

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Absolutely amazing