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Large Fire Appliances in the Museum Collection

  1. 1741 Newsham hand-drawn manual fire pump (Ringwood FB)
  2. 1800 Bristow hand-drawn manual pump
  3. 1845 Barton horse-drawn manual pump (Compstall Mill FB)
  4. 1847 Tilley hand-drawn manual pump
  5. 1865 Shand Mason hand-drawn manual pump (Wythenshawe Hall)
  6. 1870 Shand Mason horse-drawn manual pump (Horrockses, Crewdson & Co.)
  7. 1882 Shand Mason horse-drawn steamer (Horrockses, Crewdson & Co. FB) 
  8. 1900 Merryweather hose cart (Cornbury Park)
  9. 1900 Shand Mason curricle escape (Cornbury Park)
  10. 1904 John Morris Hose Cart (Manchester Ship Canal Co.)
  11. 1910 Shand Mason horse-drawn steamer “George V” (Skelmersdale FB)
  12. 1929 Dennis/John Morris pump escape (VR 3001) (Manchester FB)
  13. 1935 Merryweather Hatfield trailer pump
  14. 1938 Dennis trailer pump (Carlisle Electricity Board)
  15. 1939 Dennis trailer pump (Army Fire Service)
  16. 1939 Dennis trailer pump (Ferranti) (this appliance currently on loan to Imperial War Museum North, Trafford)
  17. 1940 Dennis Big 6 pump escape (GNB 217) (Manchester FB)
  18. 1940 Coventry Climax FSM trailer pump (Dexter’s FB)
  19. 1941 Scammell wheelbarrow pump
  20. 1957 Dennis-Metz 125ft turntable ladder (PDK 717) (Rochdale FB)
  21. 1963 Leyland Firemaster-Cocker pump escape (6900 NF) (Manchester FB)
  22. 1966 Coventry Climax light portable pump
  23. 1971 ERF/HCB-Angus Emergency Salvage Tender (TDK 999 K) (Rochdale FB)
  24. 1992 Mercedes 1124F fire appliance recovery vehicle (K 630 KMB) (Cheshire FB)


Mission Statement

”To explore, preserve and make accessible the history of fire, fire engineering and the fire and rescue services in the Greater Manchester region and, through our collections and resources, to further the education and promotion of fire safety in the community.”

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